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    Triple-A-COAT workshop on nanocellulose



    Title of the workshop: Workshop on Nanocellulose The Material of the Future for Antimicrobial, Antifungal & Antiviral Nanocoatings?

    Join us in Zurich on September 13th 2023 to discuss the potential of nanocellulose as a sustainable, versatile material, especially for use in antimicrobial surface coatings!


    pictures of workshop speakers


    13:00 Registration
    13:30 Welcome Address
    13:35 Sticky antimicrobial cyclodecapeptides in cellulose matrices
      Prof. Marina Rautenbach, Stellenbosch University
    14:05 2-aminoimidazoles as a new class of coatable biofilm inhibitors
      Prof. Hans Steenackers, KU Leuven
    14:35 Tuning nanocellulose properties for 2D and 3D applications
      Dr. Gilberto De Freitas Siqueira, Empa
    15:15 Coffee Break
    15:45 Spray Coating Application of Functional Nanocellulose Layers
      Dr. Pieter Samyn & Dr. Patrick Cosemans, Sirris
    16:15 Surface interactions and assembly of nanocellulose
      Prof. Wim Thielemans, KU Leuven
    16:45 Moderated Session

    When: Tuesday 13. September, at 13:00

    Where: Room FC-C20, Eawag, Überlandstrasse 133, CH-8600 Dübendorf

    Registration: Please register (name, company) directly to

    For more details: Flyer_nanocellulose_Zurich_Final

    workshop organisers logos for Triple-A-COAT project, innovative surfaces and Empa

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