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    Let’s talk about coatings!



    Triple-A-COAT is interested to talk with potential users of its sustainable coatings technology!

    As part of a “co-creation” process, it is important for researchers to learn about the needs and priorities of users of their technology.

    The antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral coatings we are developing in Triple-A-COAT will be first applied in public transport, and a bus manufacturer Van Hool is a partner in the consortium.

    The project should also be of interest for companies and public sector organisations that manage a busy environment:

    • Public transport operators of all kinds (bus, train, tram, airports)
    • Manufacturers of buses, trains, planes and taxis
    • Hospitals, residential care homes and other healthcare organisations
    • Building, construction and facilities management companies
    • Municipalities
    • Operators of sports stadiums, theatres, large entertainment venues, restaurant chains
    • Manufacturers of public toilets and portable toilets used at public events

    Triple-A-COAT partners want to talk to a wide range of potential user organisations, from different sectors, across Europe.

    We want to know about your practical needs:

    What surfaces are most important to apply an antimicrobial coating in your environment?

    What are your expectations for durability and appearance?

    Any other requirements for an antimicrobial coating?

    We are planning to use zoom calls arranged at a convenient time, to explain the project and hear your opinions.

    Please contact us here, or on our social media (facebook, twitter or LinkedIn), if you would like to know more!

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      New recruits for Triple-A-COAT at Imperial College London

      We are delighted to welcome two post-doctoral research associates recruited by our UK partner Imperial College to work on the Triple-A-COAT project. Hisay Lama is a research associate in the Prof. Joao Cabral group at the Imperial College London, UK. He is of Nepalese origin Indian, born and brought up in Kolkata, India. He earned his bachelor’s degree in physics (honours) from the University of Calcutta, India, …

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      Triple-A-COAT meeting and 6 month update

      The Triple-A-COAT consortium held its 2nd meeting in Kortrijk, Belgium, home of the KU Leuven Sustainable Materials Laboratory, in the first week of March 2023. Over 20 project team members gathered over 2 days to discuss the progress so far. So far, the project has been running for 6 months. In Kortrijk, Triple-A-COAT partners shared results of their first experiments and tests. Work has started on the …

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      EU projects on antimicrobial nanocoatings get together

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