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    Workshop on Nanocellulose: report and online resources



    Triple-A-COAT organised a Workshop on Nanocellulose at EAWAG in Zurich, September 13th 2023, led by our Swiss partner SuSoS AG in cooperation with Swiss knowledge and technology transfer network Innovative Surfaces.

    Four Triple-A-COAT researchers presented their previous work on nanocellulose and antimicrobial technologies which are being developed further in the project. Please see below links to slides and recordings of the Triple-A-COAT presentations.

    Prof. Marina Rautenbach, Stellenbosch University recounted the story of how her group developed novel antimicrobial cyclodecapeptides and their application in cellulose-based products.


    Prof Hans Steenackers, KU Leuven MICA group, explained how his team identified 2-aminoimidazoles as a new class of antibiofilm compounds, and are working on several applications including coatings for high traffic surfaces in Triple-A-COAT.


    We then heard from Dr. Gilberto De Freitas Siqueira, Empa researcher from Zurich, who presented his research on nanocellulose coatings to replace plastic in food packaging and other innovation applications.

    Dr. Pieter Samyn, SIRRIS, presented previous and current work at SIRRIS on spray coating of nanocellulose, as well as recent work on laser texturing.


    Finally Prof. Wim Thielemans, KU Leuven SUSMAT group presented their work on cellulose nanocrystals, covering surface characteristics, self-assembly, advanced characterisation methods and numerous applications.


    We were pleased to be joined by participants in the workshop from Zurich and other parts of Switzerland, particularly from industry!

    We are planning further workshops later in the project in other countries. Please follow our social media or sign up for email newsletters to keep updated.

    pictures of workshop speakers

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